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by Cherie Gruenfeld


An amateur’s guide to the world’s toughest endurance event

Become an IRONMAN is a treasure trove of deeply insightful training and racing wisdom hard-won during the course of triathlete Cherie Gruenfeld’s 28-year IRONMAN career, along with some great stories and reminiscences.

The EE Kids have their very own website

Exceeding Expectations, a program in San Bernardino that serves an inner-city population, is designed to encourage at-risk kids to move their lives in a positive direction, using the sport of triathlon as the vehicle.

The goal is not to develop the kids into elite athletes, but rather to offer them opportunities to participate in a lifestyle that is healthy, goal-oriented and very unlike that which they experience in their everyday lives. We strive to replace negative influences with positive role models and to instill in the kids a powerful new discipline of setting measurable goals and working hard to achieve them.
Our highest priority is education, and our ultimate objective is to ensure that every one of the kids graduates high school and goes on to college. We make this promise to all the EE kids: When you get into college, we'll make sure money isn't an obstacle.



"Cherie Gruenfeld: Kona's Golden Girl"

The official IRONMAN website reports on Cherie after
her record-breaking World Championship race at the age of 70.


40 Stories by Mark Allen
2015: Cherie Gruenfeld

In 2018, to celebrate forty years of IRONMAN, six-time world champion Mark Allen wrote up his favorite stories from each year. His entry for 2015 described Cherie's extraordinary come-from-behind win to capture her thirteenth Kona title.


Triathlete Magazine

Nik is a bubbly, bright-eyed college sophomore. I first meet him at a coffee shop on campus at the University of California, San Diego, to talk about Exceeding Expectations, a nonprofit organization of which he's a product.


Inside Triathlon

Lee Gruenfeld's national magazine-award-winning story about his wife, Cherie.


The Desert Sun

For Cherie Gruenfeld, her eyes were always trained on the Big Kahuna. When she was enticed by the world of triathlon back in the early '90s, she knew the one race she wanted to compete in was the prestigious Ironman World Championship on the lava fields of Kona.

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Cherie is a featured columnist on the BodyHealth website. Her writings cover a wide variety of topics of interest to triathletes.


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